Roaming in Kuta🌴

Day 1

Bali has become such a hotspot amongst the many age groups, and is so very popular amongst Australians due to the short distance! This not so little island paradise really stole my breath away in the one week I was there, and I definitely cannot wait to go back!

Bali, the culture, the people, the places to see, the places to stay – all are just hard to describe!

This post is dedicated to day 1 of my epic week in Bali

Day 1:

Day 1 was really chilled as we started our day a little late so we could have enough rest from all that traveling! We headed to our buffet breakfast and then headed to Kuta with the villa shuttle.

We walked around the Kuta markets, trying to get used to the weather and people! We got into a fight with one of the locals, as he accused us of scratching his car when we were no way close to the car!!

Couldn’t have missed Sephora!! This was at the Kuta Discovery Shopping Mall

After walking around the markets we headed to the Discovery Shopping Mall, and were all so in awe walking into Sephora, trying not to spend too much money!!

Kuta Beach!

After a lot of shopping, we headed to the Kuta beach, and oh it was so hot! We went around 12pm/1pm and it was crazy, so we sat down for some lunch at the local shops by the beach and tried so many different Balinese foods!! The fresh coconut water was so relaxing!

We then headed to Kimberly Spa, to check out the what massage/spa treatments they offer, and were amazed!! We all ended up getting a 1.5/2 hour treatment which included food massage, foot scrub, manicures, and pedicures!! They had so many package options, we paid 270000 IDR for that, and when you convert it to NZD that came down to $27, it was mini heaven!IMG_0748

Kimberly Spa doesn’t have a website, but they do have a facebook page! Check it out:

We were so relaxed after our treatments, but missed the sunset at Kuta beach! We headed back to our villa and had pizza hut on the way! Just a little touristy!!!

We didn’t end the day just yet, our day finished with a swim in our private pool at our villa!!

Check out my other post to see what I got up to in the rest of my trip, as well as my flight review and accommodation review!


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