A week in Bali – Day 4 🌴

Day 4

Lembongan Island Cruise with Bali Hai Cruises which we booked through Flight Centre NZ!


Today was a surreal day, we got to experience things that I’ve (mostly) never done before!! Our cruise started from Benoa Harbour in Bali and took us to a pontoon on Lembongan Island, where the activities would start from.

We paid NZD $150 for the cruise, which included morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and a 1-hour village tour. The activities that we paid for on top of the cruise were Aquanaut which was about 800000 IDR and Parasailing which was approx 3500000 IDR.


Activities we did:

  • Aquanaut – there are no words to describe how great it was to be 5 meters underwater, walking around with all these fish around us! It left us speechless!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0482.
  • Banana boating – I’ve done banana boating a couple of times, but this one was one to remember! Four people could go on at one time, so we all started sitting and I was told to sit at the back, so whilst I was about to sit,I didn’t sit properly and within the first 3 seconds, I’ve slipped off, not wanting to fall into the water I grabbed onto my sister in front and the whole ride half my body was in the water HAHA!
  • Parasailing – this was again something I had never done before! I love trying new things and wasn’t too scared to try parasailing as I love air activities (well some at least :P). I totally regret not taking my Go Pro on the ride because oh it was just so beautiful, and it would have been great to capture it, but nonetheless, I got to experience this beautiful moment and really just being in there in the moment
  • Snorkeling – I’ve always been hesitant about snorkeling as I’ve never been comfortable bDCIM100GOPROGOPR0490.eing around the fish and other sea animals, also the equipment would freak me out, and make me wonder how I’d breathe etc. Disclaimer: I can swim, and I’ve had lessons and I go swimming often 😛
  • The onboard water slide – Oh how much I enjoyed this, I love water slides and theme parks and what not, so this was definitely a ton of fun! What I wasn’t expecting was the thrill on this slide, it didn’t look like I would be twirling side to side and fall into the water from such a height! It was so amusing!
  • The village tour – I didn’t go on this because of the heat and I wanted to do the other onboard activities, so I missed out. But my friend went, and she really enjoyed visiting the village, meeting the locals and see how the locals survive on a daily basis with the work they do!

We enjoyed our day so much, it was so worth it and I would highly recommend everyone to visit Lembongan Island!


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