A week in Bali – Day 5🌴

Day 5

I can’t really say I had a favorite day because there were things every day which was something I’d never done or experienced before!!

But today we finally went to Ubud, to see the monkey forest, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, and the famous Tannah Lot temple!

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

We all had so much fun playing with the monkeys and getting tricked by them, it was just so fun being around them. Funnily enough, a monkey got into my sister’s bag and started eating our tickets and other papers we had 😛 The whole forest is quiet big and one of the tracks leads to a hot spring which was quite fascinating! My favorite part of the forest was the middle, where a lady is like a monkey whisper (haha) who helps you make the monkey sit on you, and they are so well behaved!!

I do recommend buying bananas from the market instead of the forest so you don’t get ripped off from inside the forest!! The monkeys are really smart, so if you wanna feed them properly (in the other parts of the forest) you gotta be quick and hide them bananas!! We definitely had a memorable time, something beyond what we expected!

There are about 600 monkeys in the forest, belonging to four different groups.

Ticket prices

Adult: IDR. 50.000

Children: IDR. 40.000

A few heads-up:

  • Don’t panic when the monkey jumps on you if you have a banana just give it to them and walk away!
  • Do not look at the monkey in their eye, as it’s a sign of aggression!
  • Don’t run away from the monkey in fear, cause they will get scared!
  • You’re responsible for your own belongings, so don’t leave any belongings loose or hanging!



Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The rice terraces were quite fascinating, although we didn’t get to walk around the terrace because of a shortage of time, how much ever we walked was definitely worth it. There is a small fee to enter, and once you go in there is a tiny shop for food/beverages and from there you walk down to enter the actual rice field.


Tannah Lot


This was one temple, I was dying to visit! Seeing pictures online of other people at Tannah Lot fascinated me to find out more about it. The temple is on the water, and is known to very popular!

IMG_4629I loved it, the sunset was covered by the clouds but we couldn’t stop admiring the views!

There is also a part of the temple where you take some water in your hand and wash your face, after that the priests give you blessings with some sweet offerings, this is so similar to how they do it in Hindu temples, and it really surprised us! Loved the Tannah Lot temple, and highly recommend it to everyone!


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