GWK Cultural Park & Uluwatu Temple

Day 2

Today we were supposed to start at 9 am for a day trip with our private tour guide Putu from @one.stop.vacation to Ubud, however one of the girls on our trip had to leave the trip for a family emergency 😦 So we started our day at 2 pm instead and headed to the GWK Cultural Park, which was just wonderful, we really got to know more about the Balinese culture and to realise how many similarities the Balinese people have with Hindus!!

The ticket pricing was 100000 IDR!IMG_0482

The cultural park had about three statues and the history behind each was really fascinating, and I got to know more from their website!

Included in our ticket was a 30-minute movie about Garuda and Vishnu bhagwan, which was animated! We also got to experience Balinese shows, different dances, and performances!

Check out more about the GWK cultural park on







After the cultural park we headed to Uluwatu temple, to try and make it in time for sunset, we missed the sunset but there was enough light to admire the temple! We were a little confused as to the temples in Bali because back in India you can go inside a temple and pray, get some sweets from the pandits etc. Whereas in Bali we didn’t really understand what was going on 😛

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