Kylie Cosmetics 💄

Keeping up with Kylie Cosmetics


My first beauty post had to be about a brand I absolutely love!

I own way too much makeup, and my massive collection includes at least 20 products from the Kylie Cosmetics range!

I was a little late to join the bandwagon, but when I joined, it was a brand I couldn’t let go off! I now own too many Kylie cosmetics product, which is satisfying for my eyes but unfortunately not for the bank account!!

The lip kits that are were sold out on the website within minutes and were going on Ebay for a crazy price has been talked about so much in this past year. So I thought after a few months of refusing to buy them I initially hold of the Candy K and Mary Jo K lip kit.

Starting off with the packaging, I think it’s totally cool and makes the product look exciting with the drops from the lips! The packaging has become so popular, that they are getting stolen on the way to customers!!!

The liquid lipsticks itself have a really good formula, however, they can take a bit of time to dry up but makes you feel like your not wearing anything on your lips! Each color is so great and really brings out the best in your lips!

The liner is not too bad as well, although I feel like I don’t need to use it because the lipstick does a good job without it!

The price for the lip kit is 29USD (40 NZD approx) and I think its totally worth the price for a lip liner and lipstick, which is the somewhat same price as buying a new MAC lipstick!

Opening the lipsticks and the smell was delicious, could just eat it up if it wasn’t lipstick 😛 Love the fast three-day delivery and the fact that the products come in a good condition!

Because I love the brand so much, I always try and buy the colors which I think stand out and would suit me! I own way too many Kylie lip-kits!! Apart from the many lip-kits, I have the royal peach palette, which I still haven’t used!

I’m so in love with these kits if only the bank account would love it too!!!

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